Thursday, September 9, 2010

Death By Stress?

Yes. Yes, I am.

See... Here's the scoop:
1. I'm ENGAGED. So any and all free time is with James... (Not that I mind too much, but hey, it IS a time commitment.) And then there is wedding planning to do.
2. He's moving to Oregon in SIX days. And that will be an emotional trauma. Probably.
3. I squished as many classes as I could into my schedule so that I could graduate faster and then go marry James sooner. SO. I've got 17 credits. And 6 credits are civ credits... which MEANS I need to read 2 novels (at least) every week, write 3-4 papers every week (at least), and watch one classic film every week -- just for those two classes. I still have 5 other classes besides those two... including a few senior level science classes. Heeeeeeh.
4. I also have two jobs. Two! I am a stockroom assistant... and a chemistry TA. So I come onto campus at 8am everyday... and since I have 5 evening classes... I usually don't come home until 8:30pm.

So yeah.
I'm going to DIE.
Although I am surprisingly calm and collected and rather not stressed-ish. Woo!

Thursday, September 2, 2010