Monday, October 25, 2010

The Heroic and Mysterious Benefactor of Biochemistry

I came to biochemistry today expecting a normal class... as long as Dr. Wood showed up. Last Friday he injured himself doing a demonstration in an earlier class, so we hadn't seen him. Dr. Watt had substituted last minute, but of course, he wasn't really prepared. So class last Friday was incredibly boring, and we were all hoping that Dr. Wood was back.

And he was! He was here, but had one arm in a sling underneath his dress shirt. The hand from his injured arm was poking out of the button part of the shirt, and the dress shirt arm hung limply by his side. He started class by apologizing... "I'm not... 100%."

About ten minutes into class, the door opens.

In walks a pizza guy, carrying a tall mass of pizza. He looked kind of bewildered when we looked at his inquisitively. We burst into laughter.

"Is that for us?" asks Dr. Wood.

"Is this... W140 BNSN?" answers the pizza boy, shifting uneasily.

The room bursts into laughter. "Yes!" "Yay!"

"Is there a name on it?"

"Er... no..."

The room bursts into more gleeful laughter.

"Is it... paid for?"


The room erupts in joy.

Well, the pizza boy finally decided that his job was to deliver the pizza to W140 BNSN. So he unloads seven boxes of pizza, and leaves.

By now, of course, class concentration is BUSTED. We are all overwhelmed by the sweet aroma of pizza...

Dr. Wood attempts to continue teaching. He doesn't get very far when his outline of glycolysis... looks... like a pizza. We burst into laughter again.

The TA comes in--apparently the department office has no idea about the pizza. After hearing this? MORE JOY.

Unclaimed pizza!

Could it get any better?

Yes. The pizza boy returns--with MORE pizza. By now the pizza is piled sky high at the front of the classroom. The class is as close to rioting as may be possible for a docile BYU class of biochemistry nerds. Dr. Wood is fearful he may get another arm broken.

We are all uneasy, more concentrated on the pizza than on the lecture material. Dr. Wood shifts around uneasily. "At what point exactly do we have to decide to eat it or not?"

Whoops and joyous yells from the class.

Just when the tension was highest, an important looking old man from the department walks in.

"Apparently this is an anonymous gift to you because of your broken arm."

YESSSSSS! says the class.

"We've called around and nobody is claiming it. It's all yours."


The important guy steals a slice and leaves. The pizza is passed around, and we eat happily. Some regain concentration on the lecture material... but most do not.

Nevertheless, today was AWESOME.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Latest Wedding Plans

We have our engagement photos up! So yeah...
Here are all of them!

I found a dress... But actually it will be poofier because that model isn't wearing the poofy slip underneath. Lame.

And the bridesmaid dresses... royal blue and silver, as below!

Except my sisters are silly and well... Rebecca just HATES dresses. I think Jessica just HATES royal blue or something. But they both kind of like black, so I thought MAYBE if they just got the same dress, but in black, they might like it better. It would be totally acceptable two have two blue bridesmaids and two black ones. :)

I don't want a cake. I just want lots of awesomely tasty CUPCAKES.