Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ah... The Hectic Life!

Apparently it's been too long. James reminded me of this. But let it be known that I am still super busy. (I spend all my free time talking to him.)

Anyway. Today is the LAST day of classes this semester. I'd give three huzzahs, but I'm not free yet...

In one of my classes, we watched An Inconvenient Truth followed immediately by The Great Global Warming Swindle... and OH MY HECK there are SO many problems with both films. Both sides are guilty of propagating lies to put forward their agenda.

For problems with the first, the Wikipedia article on the court case is pretty informative.

And for problems with the second, there's this video...

And, of course, Google either one, and you'll find more attacking both of them. Just for fun, here's a kind of amusing Saturday Night Live clip...

(Random side note: I was curious about how many of the science professors at BYU believed... and it turns out that the ONLY science professor who doesn't believe that global warming is real and caused by human beings is an anatomy professor. Interesting. Not sure what it means, but there it is...)

I am so mad that this issue has been SO politicized that I can't make heads or tails of it. RAR.

Anyway. Besides being rather saddened by this, I've been swamped by other homework assignments...

I got my gold American medal. YAY! So yeah. It's offical. I can dance the cha-cha, West Coast swing, waltz, and tango in a most sexy manner.

However, I did get a majorly humongous bruise. It's been a week, and it's changing colors, but it is still gross.

Although... to be honest, I think it's kind of cool since I learned about the biochemistry of bruises recently. I could tell you the name of the compounds responsible for the blue color, yellow color, green color, red-brown color... all of it.

Wedding plans spice up my life a little bit.

It turns out that BYU prohibits wedding receptions in any Provo church buildings... so we'll be having our reception up in Bountiful. Okay, that's fine. Closer to the Salt Lake temple, anyway.

The reception is basically just going to be a shindig. Pizza, dancing, and minimal decorations. Maybe balloons... but helium is expensive. Streamers? Whatever. Anyway, we'll limit the receiving line to an hour... so that James and I dance a bit, too. YAY!

Announcements are coming along fabulously. I highly HIGHLY recommend Megan Geilman ( for help in designing... she is great. Over Christmas break we'll stuff 'em in envelopes. Wooooo...

In other news... I got a jury summons for Arizona for December 20th...

Obviously, I can't go. I'll be in Pennsylvania meeting in-laws. I am planning on a 6-foot snowfall on that day because I want to build a snow fort/igloo with James. We'll need all the prayer-power we can get for a snowfall that big.

So... yeah. But they wouldn't disqualify me despite the fact that I don't LIVE in Arizona. Because I'm a student, I'm viewed only as a temporary non-resident... and thus I will not be disqualified because as far as the government cares, I'm coming back to AZ. Gah.

So, the loophole? I postpone until March. Then I get another jury summons. Then I postpone again. By the time I get another jury summons, not only will I be graduated, but I will be living in Oregon with my James. THEN I can be disqualified. Yeesh.

In the meantime, I get to take FINALS.

Easy finals? D&C, Western civilization 1, Western civilization 2...
Hard finals? Biochemistry, physiology, cell biology...
Done finals? Only dance. Sigh.

I'll be busy. After I grade the final, I will no longer be a chemistry TA. Sadness of days. I will miss it... a little.

Anyway, THAT is the update on my life.