Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The First

I feel like starting a blog. It is currently just before 8 in the morning, and I should be doing some organic chemistry. But then, of course, who would rather do that than start a blog?

Probably no one.

However, I don't really feel like formatting my blog just yet. Y'all will have to be satisfied with a template.

Yesterday I tested in the mambo, and I probably looked pretty sharp. But the mambo is so furiously fast that I felt a little desperate as I was dancing it. Especially in the peek-a-boo... kick, flick, spin, arm up, pose! spin out, kick, flick, arm out, pose! I would estimate that I scored around an 85%. Marci said that I had a good knowledge of the moves, but I tend to want to break on count 1 instead of 2, and that I definitely need more knees and hip action. On the bright side, I'm sure I looked DANG attractive, so who cares -- besides my instructor?

Besides mambo, I kicked trash in the genetics exam -- 96%. So I am hoping that the one homework assignment I just FORGOT to turn in (I did it though!) won't hurt my grade too badly.

And I don't feel too sick today. So I'm going to go to class and to work and all that jazz. And today will just be good. Whoo hoo!

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