Thursday, June 24, 2010

Awesome Things From Today

1) Lemonade pie, courtesy of Elisa Andersen... Mix one can of frozen lemonade concentrate and one quart of vanilla ice cream. Put it in a graham cracker crust. Freeze. EXCELLENT.

2) I feel really cool when I move boxes ten times my size with a pallet jack. Like, strong and stuff.

3) Coloring books are super cool. Coloring with cool people is even cooler.

4) I like it when people feed me. For free.

5) Having a brother in Provo is. so. nice.

6) Realizing that xkcd's most important contribution in my life is this: I know check everywhere I go for potential velociraptor attack entry.

7) This. And I quote, "Man, don't you feel like a friggin' GENIUS SCIENTIST when a recipe comes together the right way? You're the EINSTEIN OF POUNDCAKE. The NEWTON OF COOKIES. The CURIE OF RADIOACTIVE PIZZAS. Okay that last one was a bad analogy. But dang if baking ain't the tastiest science there is. This apron lets everybody around you know that YOU HAVE HARNESSED THE POWER OF BAKING and are NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH." This practically sums up my life in the kitchen.

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