Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Clifton is Back

And in Provo!

This IS glorious. Oh, I knew I missed him, but I kind of purposely trying to minimize it in my head to make it more tolerable. I spend a ton of time with him, and I'm so glad.

He still gets a surprised look on his face when I randomly exclaim "YOU'RE BACK! I'M SO GLAD!" Apparently even the cascade of letters I sent while he was gone was not enough to make him expect that.

Occasionally, if I think too hard about it, I get all teary-eyed. Teary eyes of joy.

"Was it really THAT bad when I was gone?"

"Yes," I responded.


I can talk to him WHENEVER I want. And even more exciting -- he can talk back whenever he wants. I can call him, text him, email him, visit him, hug him...

I'm so happy.

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