Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to Adulthood

Where DO all those bills come from?

I've been living off of very little for so long that I expected that working full-time this summer (for the first time in my life) would be easy in the financial department. But no, I can't really say that's what's really going on. Unexpected costs are popping up all over the place.

Take for example my glasses.

Two nights ago I sat on them and they are thoroughly unwearable. And now I need to pay for glasses. Gaugh!

Also medical bills, and a contract for fall/winter. My computer is fizzling out, and my flat iron has bit the dust. My jeans got holes in irreparable places, and my parents may need help paying for insurance. AND my car needs more antifreeze. I was hoping I wouldn't need student loans after working the whole summer through... but alas, I am pretty sure I'll need them anyway.

In brighter financial news, I got a 1/4 tuition scholarship and a 1/4 tuition grant... equaling a whole grand 1/2 tuition already paid for. That is a $4500 blessing.

Things are not all bad.

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