Monday, March 29, 2010

Close to Home

So yesterday instead of doing homework, I went to a friend's family dinner. It was actually on a whim, because SOMEHOW her mother accidentally invited her brother's FHE sister. So, in an attempt to not make it awkward for the girl, my friend was to bring along a friend as well.

I loved it; her family is refreshingly nerdly.

However, one part of it hit rather close to home. Her family has been convinced since freshman year that she'll marry a certain missionary. And then he came back... and he didn't make any effort to date her or even be super good friends. She took this a little hard, because admittedly, she did kind of like him. And it really didn't help that he was super cute.

But some of her family members wouldn't let it go. The teasing and egging escalated until finally my friend broke down into tears, admitting that she really was very upset that since getting back from his mission, he hadn't shown any interest in dating her and begging everyone to please just stop talking about it.

Silence fell across the room. And then, almost obliviously, her grandfather asked if the guy had talked to her at all.

Bad move. All the women in the room shushed him violently, and next thing I know, my friend is dragging me out of the room. She drags me into the bathroom where she cries on my shoulder.

And it sunk in that I might be in the same boat not too long from now. My family (and actually, a good portion of my friends too... eek!!!) is pretty convinced I'm going to marry a certain guy too. I find it quite annoying. Even more annoying though, is the fact that I really do really like him and I STILL haven't gotten over it.

So it is far too easy to imagine myself in my friend's place. And while I hold her, I start tearing up too.

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  1. *sigh* This is such a hard topic. I think there are far too many girls out there who have that expectation (or have it thrust upon them by others) and then when it doesn't come to pass, it's rather devastating. I mean, I know SO MANY girls who "have missionaries" right now. Heck, sometimes I'm even one of them. I just try to keep in mind that everybody has their agency, which means that even if WE think it would be just perfect to date Elder So-and-So and get married to him not long after he returns, it doesn't mean anything unless HE thinks so, too. And then add circumstance to the equation, and everything is completely unpredictable. *sigh*