Friday, March 19, 2010


Oh heck. I am so GLAD it is finally the weekend.

Last night I accidentally locked my keys inside the break room at work -- which means I have no way to get inside my apartment or my car or more importantly, my mailbox. Furthermore, not only were my keys in there, so was my backpack -- which meant no homework either.


Well, it turned out fine.

Although my roommate is almost NEVER home, her final draft of her thesis was due today, so she was home working on it, all night. So I could come and go without fear of getting locked out.

My o-chem professor is quite satanic sometimes. He gave a take-home quiz and had it due next class period on electron-pushing mechanisms. And then of course I locked it up so I couldn't work on it until this morning.

Well, I got my keys back and I got access to the quiz just 90 minutes before it was due... This is very bad practice. These suckers usually take forever and a day to figure out.

Thankfully, though, I figured out all but the last one on my own. And then the last one stumped me. But guess what? My TA Lauren just HAPPENED to be walking by when I was freaking out about it -- and then she sat next to me on the bench and guided me through it.

I ended up having extra time before class to read a page or two from the textbook.

Then, just as I started to get hungry?

Class starts. And then a boy behind me in lecture -- "Psst! Jenna! Jeeeeeennnnnnnnaaaa..."

I finally hear him and turn around. He was offering me an orange.

Umm... blessings upon him. I accepted the orange and savored it. It just got me through the day.

Other good things?

I had a homework assignment due yesterday evening, but I honestly didn't have time to do it. Thankfully though, you submit it electronically through Blackboard, and the computer grades it. And a loophole in the system? If you open the submission page before the deadline, you can submit it whenever you want, as long as your browser doesn't freak out and close it on you before you get to it. So... sweet. Things are good.

Also my neuroscience teacher told me that if I can't finish the paper by Wednesday, she'd extend the deadline for me.

Thank you, God. I needed all of the above.

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  1. That is awesome. Amazing how things work out, isn't it? I'm so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord :)