Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh Dear

I found something very bad.
The Wok Shop

Do you know how BADLY I want a wok? And also a cleaver? Oh, they're cheap and good quality. Resist, Jenna, resist. You just have to wait long enough to get a wedding registry and then people who love you will buy you a wok as a wedding present. And also a cleaver.

Also I got a perfect score on my o-chem lab quiz today. Whoot! This is actually quite a feat. This morning I woke up with a runny nose and a sore throat... which was mightily inconvenient because I needed to go shadow an ENT doctor.

I called the scheduler guy at the doctor's office and he said, "STAY AWAY! Er... we don't want our patients or employees sick. Pllleeeeeaaasse stay away!"

So I did. Instead I went to the writing lab on campus and they looked at my second draft of my literature review (it's due in a week and a half -- be proud). Then I remembered that I really suck at the o-chem quizzes. So I went to talk to the TA and he showed me the light.

Hence my perfect score. I am a convert to this whole asking the TA for help thing. I owe my grade to Aaron Clark. I (very platonically) love that man.

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