Monday, March 22, 2010

Should I Really Be a Doctor?

I don't know.

All the doctors I've been talking to lately just shake their heads and say it's not worth it. Get out while you possibly can. I shadowed Dr. Beus today and he says he tries to dissuade everyone from becoming a doctor now since the very start of this whole health care issue thing.

However, I told him a theory I had. There's already a shortage of doctors and dentists and all of these sorts of people--the health care bill will make it worse. So at some point the government will panic about there being a SEVERE shortage of doctors. And then, in desperation, they'll start paying qualified people like me to go to medical school. (Very bad for the national debt, but hey, I think medicine is my life calling, so I would totally take that.)

On the down side, both I and Dr. Beus foresee this panic only happening... like ten years or so from now. Gah.

Okay. Maybe I'll just get married, have some kids, grow them up fast, send 'em into the adult world, and then I'll go to medical school! Heh... Right.

Ah well.

So I'll be going into medicine right at the VERY worst time in history to do so. Please pray that I'll somehow find a way to pay for medical school and then be able to make money underneath all those taxes (and malpractice insurance payments and other costs associated with practicing) to be able to pay off my debts.


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  1. I like the Get-Married-and-Have-Kids-and-Grow-Them-Up-Fast plan :)
    I think your theory sounds pretty accurate, though.