Saturday, March 20, 2010


I like my roommate even though we have practically nothing in common besides the lack of a Y chromosome.

However, I HATE her friends.

I hate them.

Hate is an aggressive word. But I really, really, really don't like them. They're crude, rude, and SOMEHOW they ALL have obnoxious laughs and voices. Also they are all men. Women never visit my roommate except for visiting teaching, it seems like.

Just obnoxious men. And they all want to date her, but she won't because they're rude and crude. I will never understand how there can exist LDS men who think rape is funny. I never realized it until I had this roommate, but such scumbags exist.

But she cuddles with them and lets one kiss her on the cheek, so of course, they NEVER leave. If fact, I'm convinced that one that kisses her on the cheek is confident he'll win her over at some point. But from her behavior when he's gone, I can guarantee that she is NOT attracted to him in the slightest and half of what he does irks the heck out of her. So. Although it'll never happen, this obnoxious boy will never realize it because she allows all the physical affection. So he's here all the time, and probably won't realize that he's wasting his time for another half a year.

And then, when he's gone, my roommate will bring home ANOTHER guy who is equally obnoxious. It just keeps happening.


Frustration and loathing.


  1. Holy cheese balls... Sorry, I just want to punch the guy in the face for thinking rape is funny. I have had a tiny bit of experience in that area, and let me tell you... It is horrible...

  2. This is James, by the way...